Don’t take our word for it – here’s what the people who know us best have say:

“I attended Andrea Olivera’s class on Ayurveda & Indian Scalp Massage on April 19,20 and 21 of 2009. The experience was mind blowing. It definitely changed my life, for the best. I made lifestyle, spiritual and personal changes after attending the class. I learned a lot about myself, and my soul.

I have so many questions, and she was able to answer most of them for me. The rest is for me to answer in my own journey. It gave me insight, enlightment and brought me to a whole other level of spiritual awakening. Her life experiences that she shared with us was definitely something I will look up to. It will give me inspiration and faith in my career and my powers.

Thanks to the class I now know, that I am a healer and that is my purpose in life. To rejuvenate, heal and to nurture others. Therefor, my job as a Esthetician is perfectly suiting to me. I’ve only been in the business for 2 years but after this class, I feel like I have been in the business all my life. I cannot wait to attend more classes and to nourish my soul some more. Thank you!! God bless”

Christina Coulombe
Avalon Salon Spa (south side)
Fredericton New Brunswick Canada

Debra Joy Eklove

“When Andrea joined the team of Ayurveda educators for the Tetley Tea talks on Jan 14, 2017 she added a joyful and unique perspective, sharing generously from her experiences as an ayurveda educator and practitioner. For years Andrea has been offering high end ayurveda treatments which bring clients to a state of relaxation and awareness, a state of calm and excitement, a cherished state for well-being. When I need that extra pamper and nurturing Andrea’s touch and care gives me what I need. I am grateful to have known and recommended Andrea for many many years.”

Akhanda Yoga

Andrea has been holding a nurturing and inspiring space for Ayurveda and Yoga in downtown Toronto for many years. Her compassionate and loving energy are a true gift, and deeply felt within her space. Her creams and perfume oils are also a great way to nourish and uplift with the aromas of nature. For anyone who’s been seeking grounding, balance or a boost to their self-care, I highly recommend Andrea’s Ayurveda offerings. – Yogrishi Vishvketu www.akhandayoga.com and www.akhandayogaonline.com

Dr. Robert Svoboda

“For over a decade Andrea Olivera has worked to generate an Ayurvedic community in Ontario, spreading the wisdom of Ayurveda by organizing lectures and seminars, and by fusing the principles of Ayurveda with the art of aromatic blending to create unique and revivifying cosmetics. I can testify from personal experience of her products that her nourishing and satisfying skincare line brings the rejuvenating effects of Ayurveda directly to the skin.”

Rishma Malik

“Andrea Olivera is the real-deal in Ayurvedic expertise, and is committed to sharing this ancient science and art-form with clients and future teachers. In Andrea’s presence, I feel powerful and nurtured. She is a gifted teacher who is over-flowing with generosity, love and wisdom. What I appreciate most is her deep commitment to seeing her clients become the most powerful and extraordinary people they can be. My work as a healing Yoga teacher and as an Actor have both been enhanced and enriched through knowing and working with Andrea. Since my certification with Andrea in the Ayurvedic Head massage, my hands and soul have been liberated! Clients regularly comment on my sublime, intuitive ”after yoga” massages. She is a goddess of maternal love and inner power.”

Sheldon Hargrove

“Andrea Olivera is one of the most grounded yet celestial Instructors I’ve ever hired. Her presence alone makes students want to attend her classes. Her course content takes Esthetics students into an entirely new direction adding an exciting holistic approach to main stream esthetics. The Ayurvedic history and practical approach has inspired creativity as well as added a touch of magic to Andrea’s classes making her one of the most popular instructors. Her “Rituals for Rejuvenation” essential oils line is both earthy and heavenly at the same time. Andrea is truly, one of a kind.”