Graduates of the Andrea Olivera Academy who are now Ayurveda Rituals Beauty Representatives are featured on this page.

Ayurveda Rituals Beauty Products available at this location!

Wendy Ramnarine, Skylit Ayurveda

Graduate of Ayurveda Spa Specialist program

10384B Gouin Blvd O, Pierrefonds, Quebec, H8Y 1S3

“Highly recommended!

Working with Andrea Olivera has been a life changing experience for me both personally and professionally. She has a wealth of knowledge and has a beautiful way of conveying her teachings that were easy and comprehensible. Through her guidance, I was able to tap into my strength and deepen my love for healing, through the beauty aspects that her Spa Rituals represents.

Taking the Ayurvedic Spa Specialist program online allowed me to work at my pace. Connecting through Andrea’s webinars gave me the extra support to deepen my understanding every step of the way. Andrea has a wonderful way of articulating things to open your perspective and sight. By learning the Ayurvedic facials from The Andrea Olivera Academy, it has helped me transform my business and open up a whole new world of healing though Beauty.”

Ayurveda Rituals Beauty Products available at this location!

Sandra Daley, Body Reboot

Graduate of Indian Head Massage, Ayurveda Facials & Hand and foot massage

219 12 B Street, South Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 2T9

“I recently completed private training in Toronto with Andrea Olivera for 3 courses: Ayurvedic Facials, Indian Head Massage, and Hand and Foot Massage. Having previous knowledge of Andrea and her expertise, I had high expectations for my training outcomes and she did not disappoint!
Andrea intuitively took me on a journey of story telling and experiential learning to deepen my understanding of Ayurveda. Before beginning the practical application of Ayurvedic principles, she ensured we thoroughly explored the principles and botanicals behind her customized treatments based on a dosha and chakra cleansing and balancing approach to skincare and body/mind healing.

We then had ample time to take these teachings and transfer them to hands-on learning with models willing to not only have, but also give constructive feedback on, each treatment. This was also the opportunity to witness the results of using Andrea’s “Rituals” skincare and fragrance products first-hand; I was impressed with the visual changes I could see immediately. Having this time to spend with one-on-one instruction from a Master in Ayurveda was a humbling and inspiring experience, and one that I highly recommend to anyone wanting to explore the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.”

Yana Bozhok, Mind & Body Esthetics

Graduate of Indian Head Massage

332 Eucalyptus Circle, Stittsville, ON, K2SOX1


Jessica Sgrignoli

Graduate of Indian Head Massage & Abhyanga Massage

129 Victoria Rd N, Guelph, ON N1E 2J8

Jessica has been a Registered Massage Therapist for almost 5 years and has most recently become a Yoga Therapist, training in India with Dr. NC and in Guelph with his senior student, Barbara Quinlan.

Jessica began her journey in holistic wellness over 15 years ago, which inspired her to open up her own business, Journey to Wholeness in 2013, offering Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapies and Therapeutic Applications of Yoga for groups and individuals. 

Jessica has studied with Andrea Olivera at her Centre for Ayurveda Rituals and Yoga Therapy Toronto. It is here that she began honing her passion for learning and practising massage, including Indian Head Massage (Champissage), Full Body Treatments (Abhyanga) including Abdominal (Nabhi) and Ayurvedic Foot Massage (Padabhyanga) at the Canadian Centre for Indian Head Massage. 

Jessica also offers Hot Stone Massage and enjoys incorporating Aromatherapy, Sound Healing and Reiki into her Healing Energy Massages. Her background in both Eastern and Western Psychology (Brock University, 2010) plays an important role in her approach to integrating whole health and wellness.

Jessica’s utmost desire is to support individuals on their healing journey to wholeness to bring a greater awareness to the body-mind complex. Jessica believes self awareness and unconditional self-care to be key components to restoring physical, mental, emotional equilibrium.

“I had a beautiful training experience with Andrea Olivera at her Centre in Toronto in 2013 when I first took her Indian Head Massage (Champissage) course and then went on to take her full body (Abhyanga) course shortly after. Her skill and professionalism as a teacher and healer is something to be admired as she is truly gifted at her craft. I feel so fortunate to have done my training with her, to be able to carry on this tradition of Ayurvedic treatments. I absolutely love her facial and body products line. You can tell so much love and intention went into the creation of each of these. Her products are absolutely divine – their aroma’s carry you off to another place and time! Thank you so much for doing and sharing what you do!”

Kelly Keddy, Director of Spa Development & Education

Life Salonspa Halifax, Dartmouth Crossing, Bedford
BeLeaf Salon & Spa Wolfville

“Yet again you go above and beyond. Your in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda is so incredible.

I have taken several classes with Andrea and I am profoundly blessed to be able to offer the transcendent Ayurvedic Indian Head massage. This was one of my very first educations with Aveda back 15 yrs ago. Each and every time I do this treatment it takes people to a place of relaxation and rejuvenation.

This last education around the Ayurvedic wisdom will definitely not be my last. I would like to continue with more teachings and take my treatments to the next level. I feel like I am starting late but coming into my own. Thank you Andrea for all of your wisdom and guidance along this pathway.”

Robbie Miron, La Renaissance

Graduate of Indian Head Massage, Ayurveda Facials, Consultation & Senses Journey, Chakra Aura Cleanse, Abhyanga Massage & Hands & Feet Therapy

283 Cedar Street, Sudbury, Ontario Canada

“Learning Ayurvedic treatments has allowed me to provide a holistic approach to our everyday living. The courses Andrea teaches are detailed in every way from the product knowledge to room set ups. You are not just getting a service you are receiving an experience you will remember.

This sets the intention for the treatment, and the passion she has for her craft is amazing to see and I am very proud to have learned from such an experienced professional.”

Monika Plocica, Yorkdale Acupuncture & Healing Loft

Graduate of Indian Head Massage

153 Bridgeland Ave, Unit 5, 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON

“I came across Andrea Olivera’s page when looking for a certificate training course in Indian Head Massage to add to my existing portfolio in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Psychology and other related fields. I instantly felt the need to message and connect with her to learn more about her course. When we connected, I knew I wanted her to teach me her skills.

The moment I met her, I felt a calm, warm and inviting presence. As we delve into the course material, I became more fascinated about this beautiful technique. I learned how to diagnose the scalp and hair and use the mind-body type to understand the type of treatment to apply to the scalp.

Andrea is a very knowledgeable and gifted teacher. She took time to ensure that I learned the material and that I was able to apply and deliver the skills that strictly follow this ancient art. Her product line is divine and I use it for each one of my Indian Head Massage patients. Andrea has connected with me after I completed the course to ensure that I am well on my way to practice the principals and skills she has taught me. She continues to support me by being there to answer any questions or concerns I may have. After 15 years of continuing education in related field, this course was by far the most spiritually and energetically positive one for me.”

Nicole Tupechka

Graduate of Spa Specialist Program

“I loved learning from Andrea, as she has a wealth of wisdom and truly cares about each of her clients. She has studied many different healing modalities, and ties them all together with love and beauty. I have helped Andrea with  space design and displays in her healing areas, and still love and recommend her services and incredible product line. 

I have gone on to see clients, host events, and deepened my coaching practice with the skills I learned from Andrea.”

Anna Flejszer, Ania Aesthetics & Skincare

Graduate of Indian Head Massage

411 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON, M6R 2N1

“After attending Andreas Ayurveda Spa Specialist Program, I was impressed on two levels.

Firstly, she was an amazing teacher. Patient and very knowledgeable.

Secondly, she really cared about her students—individualized attention and time when and if needed.

Andrea’s Skin Care Line is also truly impressive. Excellent products for Indian Head Massage and facials!”

Ingrid Singh-Edwards, Bohemia Soul Spa & Ayurveda Alchemy

Graduate of Indian Head Massage and Ayurveda Facials

555 Emery Street East, London, ON, 226-234-7287

“Learning at the Andrea Olivera Academy was nothing less than amazing. It’s such a great experience for those looking to expand their careers in Ayurvedic rituals. I grew up with the teachings of Ayurveda and wanted to implement Ayurveda spa rituals into traditional therapies.

Andrea’s presence is warm & calming. Her teachings are extremely thorough and I felt deeply connected with her. Thank you for your ongoing support, you are a true healer!”

Note from Andrea: She enjoyed the Module 1 course so much she took Module 2!

Diane Dabideen, Registered Massage Therapy, Yoga & Ayurveda Mindfulness

Graduate of Ayurveda Indian Head Massage, Abhyanga, and Marma Therapy

“Andrea Olivera has a unique way of storytelling, turning ancient Vedic wisdom into practical tools of knowledge and experience. She embodies the healer, the teacher, and the friend into each encounter, whether it be through a course or a treatment.

I studied Ayurveda Indian Head Massage, Abhyanga, and Marma Therapy at Ayurveda Rituals Spa and can say I am confident in the knowledge and hands-on experience gained. I now incorporate and offer what I have learned into my treatments as a Registered Massage Therapist. I had the honour and privilege to work at Ayurveda Rituals Spa; the space is always welcoming, calming and enchanting.

All of Andrea’s products are wonderful, but my two absolute must-haves are the Ayurveda Liquid Nectar Spray and the Pure Kashmiri Rose Dhoop Sticks.” OM Shanti.

Ekaterina, Downtown Yoga Holistic Centre

Graduate of Indian Head Massage

236 Dundas St., London,ON, N6A 1H3

“The first time I met Andrea she read my astrology chart.  I was impressed with the thoroughness of her reading and the vast knowledge she has.   She has built a strong community around her of knowledgeable and amazing teachers and practitioners.  I have attended numerous workshops at the spa and met amazing like-minded people. 

Recently, I took a head-massage course with Andrea and she impressed me yet again with her passion and knowledge of anything she does.  She is dedicated to help others grow and support people in every way she can.  I feel blessed to have met and known Andrea for the last 4 years.  I would recommend her as a teacher as well as practitioner.”

Lisa Brenner, Wise Roots Therapies

Graduate of Ayurveda Spa Specialist program

“I highly recommend Andrea’s Ayurveda Spa Specialist training program. From the moment you walk through her door you can feel the love and reverence that she holds for her space, her clients and students, and for the beautiful Ayurvedic therapies and wisdom that she graciously shares. 
Andrea is a gifted and very skilled healer and teacher, and exhibits great care and attention to detail in all that she does.

The skills I learned from Andrea were invaluable and have had such a profound  impact on my life; both personally and professionally.
I  feel blessed to have crossed paths with Andrea and I am honoured to call her my teacher, my mentor, and my friend.”

Terri Ann Gilbert, Essentials, Esthetics & Hot Stone Massage & Healing Centre

Graduate of Ayurveda & Indian Head Massage and Ayurveda Rituals Facial

15 Mary Street, south New Liskeard, Temiskaming Shores, Ontario

“Learning about the ancient wisdom and techniques of Ayurveda was so interesting. I loved the opportunity to both receive the teachings directly and through the workbook for my review. As well as hands-on practice to develop memory, technical skills, and have questions answered. Offering Ayurveda & Indian Head Massage and Ayurveda Rituals Facials to clients is both a pleasure and a gift. I love introducing the beautiful aromas and inspirations of botanical essences through the journey of the senses to invite clients into the present moment, an opportunity to relax, release tension and open to receive healing, balance, and rejuvenation. This experience offers a deep sense of relaxation, hydration, and activation within the energy system of the body that invokes calmness, clarity, and presence. It is my great honour to share these services in a peaceful and uplifting environment. Thank you!!!”

Hera Baboudjian, Hera wellness

Graduate of Ayurveda Facial Course

Toronto & GTA

“I was inspired by Andrea’s extensive experience and work in the field of Ayurveda and beauty and wanted to explore this world further through her Ayurveda Facial Course.

For this, I traveled to Toronto to spend some time with her to begin my learning. 
Andrea’s loving and dedicated presence creates such a beautiful space to promote the learning (in my case, a true beginner).  Her vast knowledge in this field, but also all vedic sciences, makes this learning process a truly transformational experience.  I loved receiving Andrea’s generous teachings and I plan to incorporate this in my wellness programs in Montreal as well as in other parts of the world, as this is such a wonderful tool that can be adapted to so many different formats. 

Andrea’s beautiful products are an extension of her deep knowledge of this merging of the beauty world and Nature, prepared with care and attention.  I love them!”

Joana Peixoto, The Glowing Goddess 

Ayurveda Spa Specialist Graduate Insta: glowinggoddessrituals

E mail :

Phone: 416-894-739

“I first found Andrea in the midst of my own healing journey . I had the most blissful Ayurvedic treatment and fell In love with the therapies. Soon after I began to study with Andrea and apprentice with her. I did the full Ayurveda Spa specialist training. Andrea is a true teacher in every way. She is so incredibly knowledgeable in her field and offers the best of herself to her students. I absolutely lived my training experience and am forever grateful for all I learnt form her.”