Getting Started

Please see our FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.

The Ayurveda Rituals Spa Specialist Training Program consists of five training modules that culminate in the completion of the Ayurveda Spa Specialist Program. Modules may be taken individually or toward completion of the full program. You may choose to immerse yourself in an intensive course of study to accelerate your Ayurvedic practice immediately or complete courses as your schedule will allow gradually building on each aspect of your practice.

We have also just launched our dedicated Indian Head Massage for Yoga Teachers & Caregivers online course. Completion of this course provides partial credit equivalence towards the completion of Module 1.

See below for insights into the process of one of our courses.

Step 1

Not sure where to start? Have questions about the course? Want to confirm that these workshops are suitable for the level of experience you have? New to this healing industry and have questions about what steps to take to get you started?

Book a free 30 min phone consultation with Andrea Olivera. Email your questions and availability to start the course (dates/times) to

Step 2

We always recommend starting with the first two online modules which are the equivalent of in-person training. Add the modules to your cart and checkout to purchase. During checkout you will be asked to check mark the waiver (terms & conditions) before confirming payment. Please read the waiver (Terms and Conditions) and check mark it before proceeding to payment. Once payment is made, there are no refunds or exchanges.

Step 3

Please read the outlined email that will be sent to you after your payment confirmation. All instructions are there. If you have any questions please email for further assistance. Your questions can also be discussed in your 30-minute call with Andrea Olivera directly.

Step 4

Each module has a two-hour interactive webinar. There is a webinar schedule Sign up by sending an email to confirming your attendance.

In the webinar, Andrea Olivera will answer all questions and introduce students to further theory.

To arrange team and group customized classes for those in the spa, yoga, and healing industries, we will customize a schedule with Andrea and your team separately from the online group webinar.

For those who need more assistance and are new to the healing arts, please speak directly with Andrea to customize some one-on-one time over Zoom. This can be very supportive for those who need that extra helping hand. You will still be able to join in with the other students in the pre-scheduled webinars.

We recommend you complete at least 2 case studies before joining in on the webinars. During these educational classes, you may learn more details and tips to add and integrate into your following case study treatment. The theory will sink in more, and you will take your treatment to another level.

Step 5

We will be sending you a case study report for you to document your treatments. Once you have practiced on at least three case studies, we recommend that you take a video of yourself giving the treatment and submit it before your webinar.

You can upload the video to youtube and share it with Andrea as a private video or send it via google drive or Please try to keep file size under 5 gigabytes if sending the file by email.

Andrea Olivera will watch each video and write down her suggestions, comments, feedback and offer further instructions to you personally by email or in your one-on-one Zoom time with her.

During the webinar, she will bring up some of the common mistakes, address all your questions, and clarify the steps further.

Step 6

Upon approval of the case studies you will be given a certification of completion.