The Traditional Indian Head Massage and Introduction to Ayurveda Workshop – Module 1

The Traditional Indian Head Massage and Introduction to Ayurveda Workshop – Module 1


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• 3.5 Hours of Video instruction, with step-by-step treatment demonstrations

• Comprehensive illustrated course manual, outlining procedural step

• 2 hours of LIVE, interactive Webinar instruction

• Assessments of case-study submissions by course instructors

• After the completion of your case studies for each module, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion

Watch and review video classes as often as you like! Save the cost of travel and accommodation of in-class training! And learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever you choose!

Please note there is no exchange or refund after purchasing the course.

Payment options available, email for more information.

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The Andrea Olivera Method©  Shiro-Abhyangathe Ayurveda Head Massage
(widely known as Indian Head Massage)

This unique Shiro-Abhyanga methodology combines traditional Ayurveda head massage with Ayurveda Beauty pioneer Andrea Olivera’s luxurious, relaxing and meditative rejuvenation techniques, treating scalp, hair, face, upper neck, shoulders and seated back massage.

This course is MODULE ONE of The Ayurveda Academy Ayurveda Spa Specialist Program.

The Andrea Olivera Method©  Shiro-Abhyangathe Ayurveda Head Massage
[Module 1, Ayurveda Spa Specialist Program]


In this module, you’ll master a distinctive and unique approach to Shiro-Abhyanga Ayurveda Head Massage, combining traditional Ayurveda head massage with Ayurveda Beauty pioneer Andrea Olivera’s luxurious, relaxing and meditative rejuvenation techniques, treating scalp, hair, face, upper neck, shoulders and seated back massage.

You will study Ayurveda theory, including:

  • personal Dosha evaluation: mind, body type
  • chakra awareness assessment
  • elemental wisdom theory

How to:
• Perform the full 7-step 30-60 minute warmed herbal oil massage treatment of the scalp, neck, shoulders, upper chest, face and upper back, as well as the dry-scalp Seated Indian Head Massage

• Customize your treatment for Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and customization of essential oils for and the three Doshas

• Cleanse the Aura Introduction to the Chakras

And you will learn:

  • Guna Therapy, a chakra-balancing, body-rocking movement featuring the laying-on of hands over the chakras, and the chakra aura cleanse featuring Kashmiri Rose Dhoop Sticks and Rituals of Scent chakra balancing scents
  • Chakra and aura cleansing, using herbal smoke, bells and floral waters
  • Dhara, the pouring of warmed herbal oils over the third eye in a copper pot, a mini version of Shirodhara
  • the power of Prana therapy to invoke the immune system and rejuvenate full body and mind
  • manual rejuvenation
  • elemental Wisdom on customizing essential oils, massage techniques and pressure points to balance the Doshas
  • Marma Therapy, the art of pressure point healing, and basic Facial Marma Therapy psychology
  • prana healing immune activation and detoxification treatment
  • Kansa wand facial stress detoxifying facial massage
  • Face cleansing techniques
  • Basic rejuvenation face massage with facial Marma therapy
  • A full warmed herbal oil pouring over the third eye known as a rejuvenation Dhara
  • A mini manual Shirodhara ( a manual hand-held  copper pot), a short version of Shirodhara
  • A seated back massage with warmed herbal oil pour and hot aromatic towels

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Will I Get A Certificate After My Training?

After the completion of your case studies for each module, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion.

This is not a license nor a registration, but a certificate that states that you have completed the courses.

Ayurveda is not yet regulated in Canada, but there are practices allowed and you can continue your education to receive registered Certifications as an Ayurveda Practitioner or Lifestyle consultant. Email us for more details.

Can I take each module separately?

Yes. You can take all the modules together or one at a time based on your schedule. Currently, Module 1, 2 and 3 are online. This allows you the ability to start distance learning whenever you are ready. We highly recommend the online training as it is the core of the full program. The online course also allows you to take your time and learn at your own pace. Great for people who need more time and repetition, or for those who get bored in classrooms because they are advanced and want to get into the treatment plan right away.

Do I have to do the modules in order?

We recommend that you follow the order of the modules as the content, theory, and philosophy build on one another. For those at different levels who have other training, you are most welcome to start where it fits your needs.

If you are new to Ayurveda, the spa industry, or healing arts, we recommend following each module one after the other. Start with module 1, the traditional Indian head massage, then move to module 2, Ayurveda facials.

The first two online modules will allow you to watch and learn over and over again at your own pace. Repetition is good for the soul and will help you learn how to integrate all the different detailed steps.

We recommend watching the video twice then reading the written photographed steps to support your learning experience.

What is the total cost of all the courses?

Module 1 – Intro to Ayurveda & Indian Head Massage $450+hst

Module 2 – Ayurveda Rituals Facial $900+hst

Module 3 – Ayurveda Mind & Body Therapy $1108+hst

Module 4 – Ayurveda Hand & Foot Therapy $350+hst

Module 5 – Ayurveda Shirodhara $550+hst

The full course cost is $3,308+hst

The first four modules cost $2800+hst

For those on a budget, we recommend taking one module and charging for the case studies to regain your investment. This helps those looking to move slowly and make their investment back.

Is In-person training and group training available?

In-person training is available upon request. We recommend starting with our two online modules. One on one training is available in Bewdley Ontario.

All spa training for groups will be available online until further notice.

We are currently taking bookings for online group classes. For more information, please contact Andrea at

Is there a payment plan available?

We can customize a payment plan prior to you taking the courses. Once full payment is received, then we can begin your training. You can also start by taking one module at a time and charging for your services to make your money back right away. Giving yourself a set date to finish your case studies will help you save money for the next module.

For answers to more questions please check our full FAQ here.

Getting Started

Step 1
Not sure where to start? Have questions about the course? Want to confirm that these workshops are suitable for the level of experience you have? New to this healing industry and have questions about what steps to take to get you started?

Book a free 30 min phone consultation with Andrea Olivera. Email your questions and availability to start the course (dates/times) to

Step 2
We always recommend starting with the first two online modules. Add the module to your cart and checkout to purchase. During checkout you will be asked to checkmark the waiver (terms & conditions) before confirming payment. Please read the waiver (Terms and Conditions) and check mark it before proceeding to payment. Once payment is made, there are no refunds or exchanges.

Step 3
Please read the outlined email that will be sent to you after your payment confirmation. All instructions are there. If you have any questions please email for further assistance. Your questions can also be discussed in your 30-minute call with Andrea Olivera directly.

Step 4
Each module has a two-hour interactive webinar. There is a webinar schedule Sign up by sending an email to confirming your attendance.

In the webinar, Andrea Olivera will answer all questions and introduce students to further theory.

To arrange team and group customized classes for those in the spa, yoga, and healing industries, we will customize a schedule with Andrea and your team separately from the online group webinar.

For those who need more assistance and are new to the healing arts, please speak directly with Andrea to customize some one-on-one time over Zoom. This can be very supportive for those who need that extra helping hand. You will still be able to join in with the other students in the pre-scheduled webinars.

We recommend you complete at least 2 case studies before joining in on the webinars. During these educational classes, you may learn more details and tips to add and integrate into your following case study treatment. The theory will sink in more, and you will take your treatment to another level.

Step 5
We will be sending you a case study report for you to document your treatments. Once you have practiced on at least three case studies, we recommend that you take a video of yourself giving the treatment and submit it before your webinar.

You can upload the video to youtube and share it with Andrea as a private video or send it via google drive or Please try to keep file size under 5 gigabytes if sending the file by email.

Andrea Olivera will watch each video and write down her suggestions, comments, feedback and offer further instructions to you personally by email or in your one-on-one Zoom time with her.

During the webinar, she will bring up some of the common mistakes, address all your questions, and clarify the steps further.

Step 6
Upon approval of the case studies you will be given a certification of completion.

Live Training Add-on

Live in-person is available for those who have purchased the online training and feel they need personal guidance and in-person live workshop time with Andrea Olivera. 

Live in-person Review Training

1-day review training – $450+hst

2-day review training with overnight stay and Ayurveda meals is $1265+hst 

– Includes 2 days of live workshop hands-on training and review, an overnight stay at Ayurveda Rituals Healing Escape in Northumberland County, forest walks, a quiet private room with 1 Ayurveda dinner and 2 Ayurvedic lunches as well as a spiritual evening class with Andrea Olivera.