Indian Head Massage for Caregivers

Indian Head Massage for Caregivers


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This is a certificate course made by Andrea Olivera using the Andrea Olivera Ayurveda Method on Indian Head Massage. It is a highly effective integrated Ayurveda and healing approach focused on mind, body, and emotional rejuvenation using 30 years of learning, knowledge, nurturing and healing experience treating and training thousands of people from all walks of life. It integrates various modalities within Ayurveda and includes seamless integration of multiple eastern and western disciplines to produce the best effects and outcomes.
This program and the techniques you will learn are particularity good for providing phenomenal service and helping clients/students while they are on a yoga mat or seat for yoga teachers, a massage table or seat to elevate existing RMT services, or for Estheticians and Hair Dressers to enhance value added services. It is also for anybody who is a caregiver and want to help rejuvenate those they take care of.
The Andrea Olivera Method Ayurveda Indian Head Massage using rejuvenates the body, mind and spirit, helps release tension, including blocked cellular memory and emotions, mental tensions, and helps relieve migraine headaches and insomnia.  It can easily be integrated into your yoga studio, spa, studio and a great beginning step in starting a career in the healing arts.

Program requirements to be completed prior to receiving your certificate of completion (will be sent to you digitally):

  • Completion of all online modules, videos, exercises, and quizzes.
  • 5 case studies using the supplied form
  • One-on-One review of case-studies
  • One time review of you conducting an IHM session via video recording. If are in the Toronto area you can schedule your case-study review and IHM demo in person for an additional cost.