Ayurveda Lifestyle Program

Welcome To The Ayurveda Lifestyle Program with Dr Shah

Each Worksop is 16hrs in duration
Fridays 6:00pm-9:00pm
Saturdays 6:00pm-9:00pm
Sundays 9:00-8:00 plus breaks and lunch
Package Deal: Students that book all 10 workshops pay $3050 (save $500)

Session-1, Jan. 2020

Jan. 24,25,26
Teacher: Vaidya Nitin Shah M.D. (Ayu.)

Introduction of Ayurveda, History and philosophy, Samkhya philosophy of creation in relation with theory of cosmogenesis, Trigunas Ayurvedic anatomy and physiology in relationship with Pancha Mahabhutas, Tridoshas- predominant elements, main qualities, locations, Functions, Predominant time, season, age group etc.
Recommended reading- Ayurveda- The science of self healing – By Vasant Lad
Cost $355

Session-2, Feb. 2020

Feb. 21,22,23
Teacher: Vaidya Nitin Shah M.D. (Ayu.)

Know thy self Ayurvedically- Prakriti (through the characteristics), The importance of prakriti assessment and detailed discussion to know our predominant dosha
Important factors which affects our health and well being, Concept of SWASTHA,
Agni- The metabolic force, 7 vital tissues, OJAS etc.
 Recommended reading – Prakriti- By Robert Swoboda

Session 3, March 2020- 

Mar. 21,22,23
Teacher: Vaidya Nitin Shah M.D. (Ayu.)

Vikriti -  Why do we get sick according to Ayurveda, Signs and symptoms of imbalance doshas, The factors which aggravate the doshas, 6 stages of disease development (prevention is better than cure), Ama- the metablic toxin, Physical and mental ama signs and symptoms.
A brief idea about ayurvedic assessment techniques such as pulse assessment, tongue assessment etc.

Session 4,5,6- April, May and June 2020

Apr. 24,25,26
May  22,23,24
June 26,27,28
Teacher: Vaidya Nitin Shah M.D. (Ayu.)
Ayurvedic dietary protocols and healthy eating habits.
Ayurvedic pharmaco dynamics through the concept of 6 taste, qualities, energy/potency, 3 final test and specific action.
Ayurvedic food pyramid- the best options from the different food groups for vata, Pitta and Kapha.
The concept of spiritual nutrition in respect with Saatvic, Rajasic and Tamasic food
and their effects on mind, emotion and soul.
The general idea about macro and micro nutrients
Nourishment not just through the food- the other factors for the nourishment of life

Session 7, August 2020

Aug. 28,29,30
Teacher: Vaidya Nitin Shah M.D. (Ayu.)

How to create the balance, Ayurvedic treatment protocols- cleansing and rejuvenation through PANCHAKARMA

The effect of circadian rhythm through following dincharya, Ritucharya etc.


Session 8, September 2020

Sep. 25,26,27

Teacher: Vaidya Nitin Shah M.D. (Ayu.)
Ayurvedic herbology- Let our kitchen cabinet become medicine cabinet.
We will discuss about kitchen pharmacy as well Ayurvedic medicinal herbs such as Vata, pitta kapha pacifying herbs and preparations for internal and external usages, tonic herbs, digestive herbs and formulas etc.

Session 9 and 10, October and November 2020.
Oct. 24,25,26

Nov. – TBD

Teacher: Vaidya Nitin Shah M.D. (Ayu.)

Ayurvedic and other allied therapies for self healing – theory and practical demonstration 


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